Nic Flanagan

Artist Bio

Nic Flanagan is an arts practitioner and curatorial researcher based in Cork whose work examines progressive programming and theories of interaction and disruption within arts spaces. She holds an MFA in Art, Research + Collaboration from IADT, a BA in Fine Art from CCAD and is currently undertaking a practise-based PhD in the field of Innovative Arts Practice and Interdisciplinary Research at MTU. She is a member of Cork Printmakers and Backwater Artist Network, a researcher for HorizonEU film initiative Crescine, and is currently developing commissioned works as part of Arts Council of Ireland funded silent film, Stupid August with director Padraig Trehy. Nic’s work has been exhibited in association with a number of national galleries, such as; SIRIUS, Sample Studios, The Complex Dublin, Limerick City Gallery, The Model, Sligo, The LAB Gallery, The Lavit, etc. Internationally, she has exhibited in Cardiff, as an extension of the Welsh Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, across Europe in a travelling State of Print showcase, and her prints have been shown on Amazon TV series ‘Power’. She has also produced programs as the result of research projects for Temple Bar Gallery, The Model, SIRIUS, YMCA Ireland, The Glucksman, Cork Midsummer Festival, and more.

Artist Statement

Nic Flanagan’s research-based practice examines affect theory and phenomenology in relation to systems of oppression. Questioning the historical and cultural frameworks that dictate everyday interactions and actions, her work is a playful, tongue in cheek reproach to Irish culture and given standards of arts practice that acknowledges the importance of tradition while simultaneously seeking to undermine it. Her practice encompasses printmaking, installation art, collaborative projects and publications, rooted in historical and theoretical research. Through solo and collaborative projects, Flanagan seeks to create commentaries on significant issues in Ireland, such as climate change and colonialism. BAN-EEE-UKT is a collaborative partnership founded in 2017 between artist Lynn-Marie Dennehy and curatorial-practitioner Nic Flanagan. Employing film theory as a foundation for their experimental artistic works, the collaboration is an intricate tapestry of interactive performative events, printed media, and immersive installation pieces. Through their interactive performative events and exhibitions, they bridge the gap between theory and lived experience, inviting viewers to be active participants in an unfolding narrative, provoking critical thinking and emotional engagement with the work.


Membership: Backwater Artist Network
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