In 2018 Backwater Artists Group opened a new darkroom facility on the 2nd floor of the Wandesford Quay facility. Initiated, built and administrated by studio member, visual artist and photographer Darn Thorn, this new resource is designed not only to meet the needs of lens-based artists at Backwater Artists Group, but to also address the deficit of darkroom facilities in Cork City following the closure of other studios in recent years.

Since 2018 Backwater Artist Group have invited submissions for associate users when memberships are available. There are currently 7 darkroom associate members (see list below). Full details of the terms and conditions of associate usage are provided below. If you are interested in being a darkroom member please contact us by emailing elize@backwaterartists.ie


  • Heated darkroom space with access to temperature controlled water for processing and washing
  • 24 Hour access (See Access & Booking for more information)
  • Access to two enlargers with ability to print 35mm and Medium format
  • Chemicals used in the darkroom are disposed of by Backwater Artists Group
  • Capacity to tray process colour prints if required
  • 1 x 3 meter sink for print processing
  • Film Drying Unit
  • One materials storage cupboard per user

Digital Production Facility

  • Access to hot desk in digital space
  • Access to full Adobe suite via 27″ iMac
  • Epson V750 Scanner with capacity to scan all film formats from 35mm to 8×10

If you are interested in becoming a Member of Backwater Artists Group, click here.

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