Studio 12 Exhibition Space

Studio 12 Exhibition Space

1st Floor of Backwater Artist Group
Wandesford Quay, Cork

Opening Hours: Tue - Fri, 10am - 5pm

Our Studio 12 Exhibition/Project Space (Studio 12) is one of a small number of exhibition spaces in Cork City. It was developed out of a need to create a space for exhibitions and projects, for sharing, discussion and peer support. 

It is a unique space for artists, operating as a site of experimentation and exhibition: a public testing ground for new artworks and ideas. The space is programmed with the aim to support artists, engage diverse audiences and facilitate a thoughtful and flexible approach to exhibition making. Studio 12 is used both as an exhibition space and a project space. Projects can range from short-term residences, closed-door use of the space (with a minimum of 1 public engagement event), screenings, performances, symposiums and facilitating engagement events/projects such as ‘The Drawing Clinic’.

Our ethos as an arts organisation is grounded in providing support for artists. Through our Studio 12 programme, we are committed to providing opportunities which encourage and support artists at all stages of their careers, enable them to further their ambitions and produce innovative, ambitious and high-quality work. All artists participating in the programme have access to essential exhibition-making support, including technical, PR and curatorial support, as well as associated artists and production fees.

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