Kat Pfeiffer


Kat Pfeiffer is a Cork-based artist, illustrator, and writer. Originally from the US, she earned an MFA in Studio Arts from Towson University, Maryland in 2021. Prior to moving to Ireland, she instructed at several Maryland colleges, teaching drawing and two-dimensional design. Kat also has a background in technology and is interested in emerging technologies and their applications in the field of visual arts.

Artist Statement

I strive to communicate shared experiences, exploring the idea of human empathy. Using myself and people around me as a basis for narratives, I find that the more specific a story gets, the more universally it can function. In telling these stories, I expand on the little parts of life that are common to many with methods of visual storytelling. These narratives aim to promote understanding between individuals through relating personal moments.

In addition to my planned projects, I keep a detailed, spontaneous illustrated journal. Journaling and sketching have always been a major part of my life, allowing me to put my thoughts and feelings into tangible form. My everyday stories are in-the-moment records that preserve memories for myself and allow me to share them with others.

Website www.katpfeiffer.com

Membership: Backwater Artist Network
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