Éadaoin Glynn


Éadaoin Glynn is a self-taught visual artist interested in abstraction. She studied literature instead of art and thinks of her painting practice as writing a visual poem. Éadaoin paints invented landscapes and imagined warrior women, inspired by Irish mythology, literature and her daily walks.

Éadaoin’s paintings are built up by layers of colours and marks. She manipulates paint with DIY tools and gestural movements. The physical act of manipulating paint on a surface inspires her. She follows the journey of the paint. The physicality of how she moves, where she stand, how she applies paint and her choice of medium are part of her response.

Recent group exhibitions include the London Art Biennale, the Doorway Gallery, Dublin and Hambly and Hambly, Northern Ireland.

Instagram @eadaoinglynn

Website www.eadaoinglynn.com

Membership: Backwater Artists Network
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