Éadaoin Glynn


Éadaoin Glynn is a self-taught painter living in Cork interested in abstraction. She studied literature instead of art and thinks of her paintings as visual poetry.

Upcoming solo exhibitions include the Limerick Museum, The One Space, Rathduff, Cork and Upstairs@Walters, ArtNetDlr, Dublin. Recent group shows include the London Art Biennale, London; New Beginnings, Blue House Yard, London; New Yin Art, Crane Visual Cork; OXO, the Outset Gallery, Galway; Summer of Love, the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon and Point of Perspective, Artlink, Donegal.

In 2023, Éadaoin founded the Warrior Artist Podcast as a source of inspiration and reference for Irish visual artists.

Artist Statement

My work explores metamorphosis, transformation and erosion, both in nature and autobiographically.  It investigates the idea of ‘self’ and ‘other’, of difference and conformity and the multiple roles of womanhood.   

I’m interested in the idea of viewing things differently, through prisms, gaps. I examine the marks, lines and scars in nature and on the human body by cutting canvases and works on paper and re-assembling them into new compositions.  Forms become fractured, broken, torn, compressed and disrupted. The negative space between painted areas becomes increasingly important. 

My process includes gathering, mark making and mono printing with found objects washed up by the tide, storms and human debris, such as uprooted branches, seaweed and plastic. 

I gradually build up multi-layered forms, capturing traces of time and movement. I fold, lift and shape raw canvas and paper to manipulate diluted paint, allowing it to bloom, fade and dry into tidelines of pigment.  

The painting emerges during the process of painting. Gesture and colour are important. I studied literature and I use words as a means of understanding and interrupting the world around me.  I often dig and gouge words out of wet paint or collage writing into paintings as a personal record of the moment. Sometimes fragments of writing become part of the composition. Other times, they are partially or fully buried beneath further layers of paint.  

There is no waste. Excess medium becomes the beginning of new paintings. Sometimes I work on a painting for months and then continue on the reverse. The marks of paint that bled through the canvas become a starting point for a new direction. 

Instagram @eadaoin_glynn

Website www.eadaoinglynn.com

Membership: Backwater Artists Network
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