Residency Showcase | The Scene Unravelled

Residency Showcase | The Scene Unravelled

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A Studio 12 Project Residency by BAN-EEE-UKT a collaborative partnership between artist Lynn-Marie Dennehy and curatorial practitioner Nic Flanagan

Residency Showcase  

Studio 12

Opening: Thursday 9th November, 1pm

Open Hours: Thursday 1 pm – 4 pm and Friday 10 am – 4 pm 

Drop in any time to view the Residency showcase over Thursday and Friday. 

From the Lunchtime opening until the end of day on Friday the 10th people are welcome to visit Studio 12 and view the results of the residency which will include experimental drawings, set-design pieces and further reflections done by the artists during the residency. People who visit the studio can engage with the installed reflections from the residency and the artists themselves.

About the Project:

In a world where reality is merely a perception, “The Scene Unravelled” places you in a seemingly ordinary setting where a mysterious performer and a visionary director act as puppet masters, guiding you through a changeable, fluctuating scenario. With no linear narrative to cling to you’ll have to trust your instincts and adapt your expectations. What was once familiar begins to transform, shifting a twisting to unveil the chaos inherent to our own preconceptions. 

Framed as a German Expressionist thriller “A Scene Unravelled” is a closed-door research project that explores experimental drawing techniques through research, interactions and performative experimentations. Tying together Chaos theory and Threshold Fear Theory we aim to create a performative workshop that questions our fundamental knowledge of  traditional modes of art production and presentation. By creating a seemingly stable yet unpredictable environment we will use this project as an opportunity to investigate how small changes in a system can result in larger differences in experience and outcome.

To read more about the artists and the project please follow the link to our website.  

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