The Scene Unravelled | BAN-EEE-UKT | Studio 12 Project

Dates: 23 October – 10 November  2023
Location: Studio 12, Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay
Project Showcase: 9 November

Framed as a German Expressionist thriller “A Scene Unravelled” is a closed-door research project that explores experimental drawing techniques through research, interactions and performative experimentations. Tying together Chaos theory and Threshold Fear Theory we aim to create a performative workshop that questions our fundamental knowledge of  traditional modes of art production and presentation. By creating a seemingly stable yet unpredictable environment we will use this project as an opportunity to investigate how small changes in a system can result in larger differences in experience and outcome.  

About the Collective and Artists:

BAN-EEE-UKT is a collaborative partnership between artist Lynn-Marie Dennehy and curatorial-practitioner Nic Flanagan based in Cork City. Collaborating since 2017 the duo have created performative events, exhibitions and research projects, including DOLL DAIL DOLL, a performative protest, with sample studios,  Ab[F]lab, a performance lecture, with UCC; Sign Bearers, an exhibition and performance with Sirius Arts Centre, Sink Squeeze Scrub, a collaborative research project and Ah Go On, an experimental exhibition with Cork Printmakers.  

Lynn-Marie Dennehy is a visual artist and lecturer based in Cork City, whose work explores the space between culture, art and resistance. She received a MA in Art and Process and a BA in Fine Art both from CCAD. She is a member of Backwater Artists Group and Cork Printmakers.  

Nic Flanagan is an arts practitioner and curatorial researcher based in Cork. Whose work examines progressive programming and theories of interaction and disruption within arts spaces. She has an MFA in Art, Research Collaboration from IADT, a BA in Fine Art from CCAD and is currently undertaking a PHD at MTU. She is a member of Cork Printmakers and Backwater Artist Network.  

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