a city of beautiful nonsense: Exhibition, Workshop & Artist Talk

Backwater Artists Group is proud to present a city of beautiful nonsense, an exhibition of new work by Ciara Rodgers. The exhibition title cites the novel The City of Beautiful Nonsense (1909) by E. Temple Thurston, a surreal and sentimental tale of two cities. Using building materials and discarded objects as drawing substrate or photographic display mechanisms, Rodgers distorts their usual narrative. Read more about the exhibition here.

As part of the exhibiton period, Ciara Rodgers and Backwater Artist Group will present a series of Additional Events:

Workshop | 5th November, 2-3:30pm, Studio 12: A Purposeful Drift Through the City. More info here.

Artist Talk | 19th November, 1:30-2:30pm, Studio 12: Ciara Rodgers in Conversation with Miguel Amado. More info here.

About the Artist

Ciara Rodgers is a visual artist based in Cork City, Ireland, a member of Backwater Artists Group with a BA and an MA in Art from MTU Crawford college of Art and Design.

Working in a variety of media including drawing, photography, performance and installation, Ciara often takes site specifical space as her starting point. She deals with themes such as memory, nostalgia, ruins, failure, restrictions, and freedoms with narratives borrowed from philosophical theory or fictional worlds often underpinning her research. Elevating defunct, forgotten or ignored spaces, structures and objects to a higher level of appreciation, fieldwork and walking the city are an integral part of her practice.

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