You Make Mine/ I Make Yours


Within the creative mind, a new idea is akin to an engine, the cogs are cranked and turn, driven by the individual’s idiosyncratic assembly processes. But what if the operators are switched; the keys have been turned but the driver’s chair is now occupied by another?
A collaborative project between contemporary printmakers based in Finland and Ireland, You Make Mine/ I Make Yours attempts to explore the creative process, questioning the progression from an initial concept to its final realisation. Preliminary proposals of work were exchanged; an engine cranked but with no set product, exposed sketches became blueprints to be constructed. Tuomas Hallivuo, Naoji Ishiyama, Aino Kaarina, Jyrki Markkanen of the Ratamo Centre for Printmaking and Photography, Finland have collaborated with Johnny Bugler, Conall Cary, Dominic Fee and Fiona Kelly of Cork Printmakers, Ireland.

You Make Mine/ I Make Yours opens 05/05/2016 @ C.I.T Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork City Ireland, and travels to Ratamo Galleria, Jyväskylä, Finland 22/09/16.