22 Feb – 12 Nov 2021

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic a core strand of Backwater’s 2021 artistic programme examines humanity’s relationship with the natural world and takes a closer look at ‘the human animal’ in this context. The Human Animal: A Personal View of the Human Species is a 1994 television documentary series written and presented by zoologist, ethologist and surrealist painter Desmond Morris. He described the series and accompanying book as “A study of human behaviour from a zoological perspective”. According to Morris this approach “[puts] us in our place as part of the scheme of nature on the planet earth”. He sees us as one animal amongst many. Read more.

The Human Animal, Backwater’s 2021 artistic programme is supported by an Arts Council of Ireland Project Award and through the Cork City Council Project Scheme.

Events Schedule:

22-26 Feb: The Human Animal Screenings – Art Short – Online event – YouTube Links

1-5 Mar: Paul Carroll | Redd, featuring Chris Moody – Art Short – Online event

8-12 Mar: Helen O’Shea & ‘Natureculture reading’ – Art Short – Online event

15-19 MarCarolyn Collier | In the making – Art Short – Online event

22 Mar-9 Apr: Carol Anne Connolly & Fiona Kelly | Below, and Time Between – Online event

  • Online exhibition available from  22 March, 9am
  • Video podcast featuring the artists in conversation with curator and art critic Sarah Kelleher, Available from 29 March, 9am. WATCH VIDEO:

12 Apr – 7 May: Katrīna Tračuma | Beasts – Online event

13 May – 16 Jul: The Human Animal | David Barrett, Lorraine Cooke, Stephen Doyle, Megan Eustace, Eileen Healy

15 May: National Drawing Day 2021 – Online Event

2 Jul – 6 Jul: Padraic Barrett | The Engineering of Consent – Offsite event

Exhibition tour by artist Thursday 1 Jul, 1pm

30 Jul – 27 Aug: Beyond Survival | Eimearjean Mc Cormack, Lynn Marie Dennehy, Peter Nash, Hehir & Noonan. In association with Cork Printmakers. 

10 Sep – 8 Oct: In Habitat, In Transition \ Deirdre Frost – Exhibition in Studio 12

14 Oct–12 Nov: Helen Farrell | Fetter

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