New Light ft. C.A. Connolly, P. Nash and P. Spillane

New Light: Artist billboard walks in Cork city

Featuring Backwater studio members Carol Anne Connolly, Peter Nash and Pádraig Spillane; Cork Printmakers Shane O’Driscoll and Emma O’Hara; and Mark Kent, Leanne McDonagh and Sarah O’Brien.

In venturing outside after a period of confinement and isolation, we take notice of our surroundings in different ways. We become aware of sights and smells, the vibrancy of colours and the play of light, and observe what was once familiar with a reinvigorated sense of appreciation. We learn to see the everyday in a new light, with fresh eyes and a renewed attention to detail.

A Glucksman project for Cork MidsummerNew Light is an exhibition of 8 different poster-based artworks presented in a series of exploratory walks across the public spheres of Cork city. Each walk will feature the eight artworks presented on billboard sites enabling safe social distance viewing and an unfolding exploration of the project.

The exhibition is situated in 5 different locations in Cork City, with each location showcasing a walking route of the 8 selected artworks. These routes are:

1.    UCC Ceremonial Entrance – Western Road (total distance 500m)

2.    North Monastery Road – Watercourse Road (total distance 600m)

3.    Maylor Street – Summerhill North (total distance 500m)

4.    Bandon Road – Pouladuff Road – St. Patrick’s Road (total distance 1200m)

5.    Southern Road – Sawmill Street (total distance 500m)

A map of each route and further information on artworks and participating artists will be available at from June 10th.

Leanne McDonagh, Pavee Presence
Leanne McDonagh, Pavee Presence