Leah Corbett | Living under a rock

15 June – 13 July. Opens 14 June 6pm

Ambiguous forms lay strewn across the floor, bursting and erupting in a chaotic jumble. Objects have been removed from the domestic setting and corrupted to become distorted, explosive forms giving way to excessive internal pressure. They are simultaneously familiar and strange; floating between real and imaginary.

Driven by a curiosity and interest in the mundane, everyday materials form the basis of this investigation. Objects have been freed from their original function, allowing them to become ambiguous and take on new meanings. Things which we overlook and discard as waste become animated; growing and expanding. A narrative begins to unfold before us; a tin can froths at the mouth while a plastic bag bulges with the burden of its contents.

The work questions the hierarchy of objects and the value we place on them. The interaction of the materials invites the viewer to re-encounter the familiar and challenge the nature of our perception of the world.

Leah Corbett is a visual artist from Tipperary currently living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In 2016 she graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design where she was awarded the CIT Arts Fest Prize and the Backwater Artist Group Ciaran Langford Memorial Bursary. Selected exhibitions include: TWEETBOX, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China; Breaking Sensation, Hive Emerging Gallery, Waterford, Doublethink, James Barry Exhibition Centre, Cork and Program Your Retroactive Wish, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, UK.

Leah Corbett_Poster