Job Opportunity: Programme Manager Dec 2021- April 2022

Role Description: Programme Manager In the Open/Faoin Spéir 2021/2022 Programme at Wandesford Quay, Cork.

About Faoin Spéir/In the Open Programme

Cork Printmakers, Backwater Artist Group, The Lavit Gallery in partnership with Cork City Council Arts Office are recipients of the In the Open |Faoin Spéir Arts Council Award. In the Open|Faoin Spéir is an initiative of the Arts Council of Ireland to generate a sustained and curated programme of multidisciplinary, inclusive arts activity in public or open spaces in towns and communities around Ireland between July 2021 and April 2022. More details:

About the Role

The Programme Manager (PM) is essential in overseeing the realisation of the In the Open programme. The PM is the person who will arrange and oversee activities and scheduling of the programme, the venue and communication of activities and directly liaise with participants.

The PM will be supported by and work closely with the Production Support Officer and tenant organisations to take on and delegate operations. Support, training and advice will be offered in a number of areas by the tenant organisations and main stakeholders (Cork City Council and the Arts Council of Ireland).

The Programme Manager will oversee the programming, scheduling and communications of events and activities. The main duties include:

  • To oversee the programme and manage all aspects of ensuring high-quality engaged public events
  • To ensure a good spread across disciplines and to reach target audience and participants
  • To effectively communicate concept and idea realisation to the public and to stakeholders
  • To liaise with partners and working artists in ensuring projects are realised
  • To oversee a booking system for stakeholders and ensure terms of use are practical and fit for purpose

Location of work: Wandesford Quay, Cork, Ireland T12 E26D

The Programme Manager may be required to visit other locations in Cork City to attend meetings or in the fulfilment of other duties. The PM may carry out these tasks using their own office space/computer should they wish, in line with GDPR and Covid-10 Work From Home safe work practices and guidelines.  Access can be provided for desk space, telephone and computer in Wandesford Quay to carry out any communications or administrative tasks if necessary. Management Software, subscriptions and other equipment required to fulfil the role may be provided through Cork Printmakers.

Management/Reporting to: Wandesford Quay Courtyard Committee (Elaine Coakely, Aoife O’Connell and Maeve Lynch)

Duration: December 2021 – April 2022

Hours of work: Dependent on events schedule as set out by Programme Manager. Work may take place on evenings and weekends.

Fee: €5000 for the above duration to fulfil approximately 40 hours per month.

This is calculated as €25 per hour OR €200 per day OR 40 per month (€1000/month).

The PM will be required to complete and submit a time sheet to keep a record of hours worked on a monthly basis. Payment can be made in 5 monthly instalments of €1000 on receipt of an invoice from the contractor.

Any additional costs required to cover expenses, travel and subsistence can be paid on receipt of an invoice for same, once approved in advance.

Facilitation and artist fees: If the Programme Manager is facilitating events or participating in the programme in a capacity other than their main role, for example hosting an education or outreach workshop, a separate artists fee/facilitation fee may be provided subject to approval by management.

Contributions/Taxation: This is a contracted service provider role. The candidate will be responsible for their own taxation and contributions. The details of this will be set out in a contract for services. For more information about taxation, contributions, working as a contractor or self-employed person, please contact the Revenue Commissioners.

About the organisations

Wandesford Quay CLG is a management company formed by Cork City Council in 2000, to administrate the management of the Wandesford Quay Complex which houses three independent arts organisations, Backwater Artists Group, Cork Printmakers and The Lavit Gallery.

Backwater Artists Group is one of the largest and longest established artist-led initiatives in the country. We provide high quality, affordable studios with security of tenure, access to facilities and developmental support for professional visual artists. The studio complex has 28 studios (6 sculpture and 22 painting/mixed media). Established in 1990 by artists for artists, we provide a stable and supportive working environment for visual artists and access to the supports and skills needed to establish, expand and sustain their studio practice. Through our outreach programmes we are committed to widening the range of people who experience visual art.

Cork Printmakers is a fine art printmaking studio is an artists’ resource, providing the space, facilities and equipment necessary to create art work through the medium of printmaking. We offer facilities in intaglio, screen-printing, lithography, letterpress, relief and digital printing.
Our purpose is to support and promote the creation and development of new work. We aim to address the technical and aesthetic concerns of artists working through print and we promote the highest standards of practice. We facilitate professional development for artists and encourage collaborative work, through a range of dynamic programmes, projects and awards. In addition, we build an awareness, interest and appreciation of printmaking by developing and implementing high quality, highly accessible education programmes and event for members of the public.

The Lavit Gallery The Lavit was originally set up by a group of artists wanting to promote an interest in art in 1963. Currently, the gallery shows the work of over 400 artists, introducing many new artists to Cork audiences.  It is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to promoting the work of local and national artists.

About Faoin Speir: In the Open programme at Wandesford Quay

Cork Printmakers, the Lavit Gallery and Backwater Artists Group will open up their courtyard to the public at Wandesford Quay between August 2021 and April 2022, presenting events across multiple artforms focusing on community and arts education, performance and more.

A canopy/pavilion designed by The Living Commons was installed to be used for the duration of the programme. This is called the Self Assembly and is a covered area with modular seating and work surfaces, to allow for socially distanced workshops, talks etc. This is a temporary structure that can be flatpacked into a trailer for moving away. It is estimated it takes 2.5 hours to fully assemble and 2.5 hours to take down. As well as being used for the main events programme, the structure can be booked by members and the organisations at WQ to host talks, launches, events, seminars etc. and is intended for multi-function use.
Previous key events of the programme included:

  • Design POP
  • Ardú Street Arts Festival
  • Culture Night: Friday 17 September

As well as a Programme Manager, WQ have appointed a Production Support Officer to oversee site management, and event support, until April. This person will liaise with the Programme Manager to ensure communication of activities and to coordinate schedules.

The Production Support Officer will oversee the production, technical and safety aspects of the programmes

  • communicate with key Local Authority partners and departments to ensure safety permits and procedural documents are compliant
  • ensure access on and off site
  • oversee COVID-19 Safety Protocols in line with on-site safety policies and procedures
  • ensure all participants are briefed on safety procedures
  • communicate with artists, suppliers, contractors and technicians on and off site regarding logistics, safety and security
  • provide production support to the Programme Manager and Stakeholders

To apply, please email a CV, cover letter, and proposed programme (up to 500 words) to  by 5:00pm 3rd December 2021 with “Faoin Speir Programme Manager” in subject header.

For more information about the above please contact:

Aoife O’ Connell, Gallery Director, Lavit Gallery

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