Falter. Check. Resolve

Falter. Check. Resolve 

An exhibition of drawings and ceramics by Anna Barden 

 18th August – 29th September 2022 


Samuel Beckett’s first novel, Murphy, was submitted over the course of two years, to several publishers on both sides of the Atlantic. After some months in Foxrock, Beckett had a car accident, failed to make progress on a play, returned to Paris briefly, and again to Dublin where he had to testify in a nasty libel action for his uncle. Beckett then learned that Murphy was to be published, whereupon he returned to Paris only to be stabbed. The proof copy arrived when he was recovering in hospital. This list of life tragedies amazes me.
 This exhibition, Falter. Check. Resolve takes the chess game in Murphy as inspiration. The drawings in this exhibition chart the progress of that game, which, in the novel, takes place in a lunatic asylum.
 There are three elements to Falter. Check. Resolve – the writing on the wall, which is a memory. The drawings, which chart the progress of the game in Beckett’s Murphy. And the ceramic pieces which are a joyous resolution.

Anna Barden

Anna Barden studied fine art in France and Italian and Mathematics in UCC.  

Exhibitions include the following solo, and group exhibitions: Solo exhibitions in UCC (1999), the Greenlane Gallery, Dingle (2006) and Seven at The Guesthouse, Cork (2018) which contained seven oil on canvas works accompanied by a letter form text (Objects Observed), seven drawings (Dead Flowers) and seven drawings, the Chess Pieces. Group exhibitions include a two person show in the Vangard Gallery, Cork (2004) with Michael Quane; 126 Gallery, Galway Members Exhibition 2008); The Lavit Gallery Members’ Exhibition (2017, 2018, 2021); Backwater Artists Network Exhibition, Studio 12 (2020).  

Anna Barden’s practice spans a hybrid of disciplines between drawing, painting, ceramics, text work and writing.  www.annabarden.ie

 A. Text:

Artist Memory – pencil on wall  

Not for Sale 



B. Drawings:

Chess Piece 1 – 18  

  1. Acrylic paint, acrylic medium and pencil on paper
  2. Acrylic and pencil on paper
  3. Cigarette burn and pencil on paper
  4. Pencil and varnish on paper
  5. Felt tip pen, biro and pencil on paper
  6. D., marker, pencil, and biro on paper
  7. Pencil, Lolita in Chinese, white pen on paper
  8. Cartridge paper, photograph and C.D. marker on paper
  9. Pencil, biro, oil pastel wash on paper
  10. Book (butchered), pencil on paper
  11. Graphite aquarelle and pencil on paper
  12. Biro and pencil on paper
  13. Pencil and ink on paper
  14. Biro and broken C.D. and pencil on paper
  15. Acrylic and pencil on paper
  16. Pencil and ink on paper
  17. Gold marker, pencil, gold organza on paper
  18. Pencil and written text on paper

Price on enquiry 



  1. Ceramic works:

Filly 1 – 7 

  1. Filly in black – white clay, high fired, acrylic paint
  2. Filly in white clay, Bisque fired.  €1500 each  


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