Fiona Kelly

SOMA Contemporary Gallery, 6 Lombard St, Waterford

Opens 11th August at 6.30pm. Exhibition runs until 18th September.


Kelly’s practice encompasses printmaking, drawing and sculptural installations and explores ideas of disposability and regeneration. Dust Breeding is a culmination of her interest in stagnant man-made topographies and abandoned demolition sites; purveyors of dust.

Kelly gathered waste and demolition material from specific abandoned sites and with the aid of the repurposing plant GANNONECO, she crushed her collection back to dust to be cast into forms of her making. Employing the wealth of abandoned materials she assembled concrete building blocks of repurposed aggregate and glass. These forms appear and disappear in artificial landscapes animated by 35mm Slide collage upon a cast concrete screen, navigating the viewer through her contemporary fable.

Dust is moulded to an interconnected but contrasting hotchpotch where a unity of opposites collide, ambition and degradation, rejuvenation and disintegration, construction and demolition, past and future

Kelly’s work shadows and solidifies the constant migratory movement of dust, a material which has a myriad of meaning, form, mobility, and origin. The eloquence of the matters’ wanderings and metamorphosis, catalyse contemporary Artistic questioning, of time and landscape, in this fragmentary era of the Anthropocene.

This work was made with the support of Arts Council of Ireland, Individual Artist Bursary 2014 and through a collaboration with GannonECO Repurposing Plant in Kilbeggan Co.Westmeath.