Drawing Clinics 2020 | Cassandra & Megan Eustace

Studio 12, Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay, Cork

Saturday 15th February….also taking bookings for Friday 15th May, Friday 5th June, Thursday 16th July (afternoon only), Wednesday 17th July.

Opening hours: 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm: 30 min per appointment. 4 ‘clients’ per half day, 8 ‘clients’ per full day.

Booking essential: 021 4961002 / admin@backwaterartists.ie

The Drawing Clinic aims to create a space in which drawing matters can be experienced, discussed, and looked at in consultation with the Eustace twins.

‘Clients’ use a booking system to arrange an appointment (30 min max) and a time slot is agreed. A clinic takes place over the course of a morning or afternoon facilitating 4 appointments per clinic (8 in total).

‘Clients’ can bring along a drawing they are working on, explore a particular method of drawing or tackle a design or a problem through drawing. The clinics offer ongoing professional development for artists in a relaxed twinshpere with the identical twins thinking and working in tandem.

 “’……The space that’s the Eustace twins hold is extraordinary, almost impossible to describe and exhilarating to experience, part performance, part immersive deconstructive and reconstructive, with many gem-like tools of discovery, sparkling on the horizon of one’s drawing practice. They facilitate a liberating and empowering experience that is both profound and hilarious in turn. A gold class act, I can’t wait for the next one.” Tina Whelan, Drawing Clinic 2019.

Megan Eustace: Graduated from CIT CCAD, 1996 with a first class BA Hons Fine Art Degree, and awarded ‘Student of the Year’, and completed a Masters Degree Fine Art and Design Education 2013, CIT CCAD. She has exhibited extensively and is represented by The Paul Kane Gallery, Dublin. Recent shows: 2018, ‘Naked Truth: The Nude by Irish Artists’ Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, including artist talk with Brian McGuire and life drawing sessions in Cast room of CAG; 2018. Her work is held in public and private collections and included in many publications. Eustace lectures Drawing/Life drawing on the BA Hons Fine Art and Contemporary Applied Art degree programmes at CIT CCAD. She has been a member of Backwater Artist Studios in Cork – the largest artist lead group studios in Ireland and has been a Director and Chair of the group. She currently shares a studio with her twin sister at the Backwater. She is Co-founder and practitioner of the Drawing Clinic with her twin the artist Cassandra Eustace. Upcoming: Drawing, Dynamic Perceptual Communication/ Developing Language Masterclass RHA with Megan 9th and 10th May 2020.

Insta: organic_human_drawer


Cassandra Eustace graduated from CIT CCAD, 2012 with a first class BA Hons Fine Art Degree, and awarded ‘Student of the Year’. She was awarded a first class in her Masters in Arts and Process, CIT CCAD, 2014, and a distinction certificate in Art Therapy 2016. She has been teaching master classes through organisations such as the Glucksman, CIT and various venues around Cork. Her classes and workshops offer a teaching style on the cutting edge of creative techniques providing a mindful experience that combines drawing skill and theory with sensory and embodied drawing processes. Currently exhibiting with contemporary Irish painters, ‘This is a Painting Show’, at the Sternview Gallery, Cork. As a licensed member of the Backwater Artists Group, she has her own studio in Cork city which she shares with her twin, Megan. She is Co-founder and practitioner of the Drawing Clinic with her twin the artist Megan Eustace.

Facebook page: Cassandra Eustace Drawing Creativity.

Insta @cassandreustace