Drawing Clinic | Megan and Cassandra Eustace

Studio 12, First Floor Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay, Cork

Tuesday 27 August & Wednesday 28 August 2019

11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm.

Booking essential: 021 4961002 / admin@backwaterartists.ie

The Drawing Clinic aims to create a space in which drawing matters can be experienced, discussed, and looked at in consultation with the Eustace twins. ‘Clients’ use a booking system to arrange an appointment (30 min max) and a time slot is agreed. A clinic takes place over the course of a morning or afternoon facilitating 4 appointments per clinic (8 in total). Clients can bring along a drawing they are working on, explore a particular method of drawing or tackle a design or a problem through drawing. Those lucky enough to get an appointment will experience the power of creative and talented identical twins thinking and working in tandem. Three minds are better than one especially when two of them are Eustaces.

Cassandra Eustace

Megan Eustace