Design Studio | Year 2 MTU Interior Architecture Students

Dates: 7 March – 21 March  2024
Days/Times: Tues-Fri, 10am-5pm
Location: 1st Floor Corridor, Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay
Opening Reception: 7 March , 6pm

In 2023, Backwater Artists group invited students of Year 2 MTU Interior Architecture Course to redesign our Sculpture Block space. The current iteration of the space is divided into 6 open fronted bays which operate as studio space and a mezzanine storage area overhead, which is largely unused. Students were given a brief and asked to redesign the space in a way that provides a more useable, multi-functional space, which supports the artists working there, whilst retaining all six sculpture studios. They were also asked to accommodate additional spaces within the building footprint which would further support the organisation and enhance the working environment.

The exhibition will showcase a selection of final design presentations of this project.

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