Culture Night 2019 @ Backwater

5-8pm Tours 

5.30 – 6.30pm Fun, Fun, Easy String and Nail Art for Kids (Drop in workshop, no booking required). Age 6+ with Lesley Stothers, Sculpture Block/Courtyard tbc. Recommended age 6+, children must be accompanied by an adult. Create beautiful pictures, simple shapes or a letter from the alphabet. Choose a design, hammer in nails, then connect the nail heads with your choice of colourful yarns and string. Visual artist Lesley Stothers will guide you through the steps to make your own creation.

6-7pm Street Art Workshop (Booking required for workshop – email, Age 10+ with Peter Martin. Children will use watercolour spray paint to create a mural.

6-8pm Darkroom Printing Demonstration, 2nd Floor: Using traditional techniques come and participate in the making of a darkroom black and white photograph. Under the red darkroom light you will see a unique silver gelatine print appear before your eyes.

5-8pm ExhibitionKingdom | Sarah Long, Studio 12, First Floor

Address: Wandesford Quay
Phone: 021 496 1002

Culture Night