Cork Heritage Open Day 2019

Backwater Artists Group, Cork Printmakers and the Lavit Gallery

Saturday 17 August. Open 2pm – 4pm

Cork Heritage Open Day is held on the first Saturday of Heritage Week with over 40 buildings opening their doors to the public for one day only.  A series of guided walking tours, heritage events, exhibitions, talks and children’s events take place.  All events are free. Cork Heritage Open Day is organized by Cork City Council as part of Heritage Week in partnership with the Heritage Council.‌

Backwater Artists Group, Cork Printmakers and the Lavit Gallery are located on Wandesford Quay. This three-bay, four-storey warehouse was originally built around 1840 and restored in 1995. Its first use was as a grain store, probably for the nearby distillery. Subsequently it became a timber yard and Coleman’s Printers.

This event consists of a tour of the building at 2pm, followed by a panel discussion and launch of the work A Reconfigured Ruin by artist Marianne Keating at 3pm. This work was commissioned for Wandesford Quay, and the artist discusses its significance in the context of her practice.

A Reconfigured Ruin addresses the architectural and symbolic features of Wandesford Quay. Keating excavates the ‘biography’ of the building through an archival examination of the unrecorded biography of its past workers, highlighting the connections of trade and labour that have been shaping Cork’s collective identity and imagination.

Backwater Artists Group is an artists studio complex that offers facilities for artists to produce and present art. Cork Printmakers is a print studio that offers artists and publics a creative and technical environment in which to make and engage with art. The Lavit Gallery showcases art made by Cork-based and national artists.