Sinead Barrett

“Throughout our lives we are conditioned to follow rules and adhere to regulations. Administration regimes in schools, colleges, offices, hospitals and public services compel us to fill out application forms and registration forms which ultimately reduce our identity to a series of numbers. I am interested in exploring this phenomena in particular the monotony of unimaginative routines such as queuing and waiting in line to be processed through these officious systems.

By making handmade paper from official application forms, numerical documents and newspapers, I create personal and emotive objects that derive from systems designed to eliminate human personality and emotion. Through this approach I intend to highlight the consequential loss of innocence and our individuality to an inevitable social conformity.

My work also explores our ability to be manipulated into these systems of control until we lose sight of our own individuality and creativity adapting to an everyday dreariness, losing our identity and becoming a tool in the industrial machine and inevitably just a number in the system.”

Sinead Barrett has recently finished a B.A. in Fine Art at the Crawford College of Art and Design, but has nearly twenty years of experience in the education and business sector. Initially working as an Access Officer in Cork Institute of Technology, Sinead worked with primary, secondary and third level, both nationally and internationally organizing events, seminars and conferences to encourage access to third level education. She also worked as an Event Manager, Marketing Manager and Finance Manager before returning to education in 2014 to study Fine Art, graduating from Crawford College of Art and Design in 2019. She was awarded the CIT Presidents Prize for outstanding studentship as well as receiving a Crawford College of Art and Design Graduate Residency award for the Materials Store for 2019/2020. She was also awarded the Sample Studios Graduate Curatorial Residency Award 2019/2020 and her work is held in both public and private collections including Cork Institution of Technology.


Instagram:  #sineadbarrettart