Sarah Long

“My practice is concerned with investigating the landscape. The landscape interests me as it allows me to explore both figuration and abstraction in my work. It acts as an interesting framework, within which I can work in an unrestricted and experimental manner. The landscape as an art medium, in both visual art and literature is emblematic of human activity. In Ireland, especially, the idea of a national identity is rooted in the land and landscape.

I want to investigate the depiction of the landscape as a mass that surrounds us; a scene, a backdrop, a panorama, a view, a site, a setting, a background, a stage and a destination. I am concerned with creating a world that is both fantastic and familiar and in this world of hedging and undergrowth I question the Romantic idea of the landscape in contrast with its physical reality as a natural phenomenon. Irish literature informs the work. I combine mixed-media, painting and drawing to echo nature’s relentless continuum and to emphasise the fabrication of a world. The viewer is invited to enter this fictional Irish landscape.”

Sarah Long is a recent graduate of Crawford College of Art & Design, where she received a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art. Recent exhibitions include See/Saw the CCAD 2018 Degree Show, The Present Past Wandesford Quay Gallery, Murmurations The Village Hall and Start – Finish Wandesford Quay Gallery. Since graduating she has been the recipient of several awards. She is the 2018 recipient of the Ciaran Langford Memorial Bursary at the Backwater Artist Group which includes a solo show in Studio 12 in 2019. She is also the 2018 Sternview Gallery Awardee and will have a solo show in 2019. Other achievements include receiving the 2018 CCAD thesis award and being long-listed for the RDS Visual Arts Awards. Her work has also been purchased by the OPW. Currently she is the Project Intern at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre for the Coming Home: Art & the Great Hunger exhibition. Her work is due to be featured in the Autumn issue of the art magazine Bloomers.