Pauline Gibbons


Pauline Gibbons is a visual artist who graduated with first class honours from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2015. Her work has been purchased by both private and public collectors including CIT Registrars collection and she has participated in number of exhibitions to date. For her degree show she was awarded the Cork Art Society, Student of the Year Award 2015, CIT Science Week Award, which includes a solo exhibition in November 2015, CIT Purchase Prize and a post grad resident CCAD award 2015.
The artist is currently undertaking a post graduate placement with the Backwater Artists Group while working part-time in the Crawford College of Art.
Pauline’s practice involves a deconstruction and a re-representation of obsolete objects reducing them to their basic components and reconfiguring the constituent parts to transform the materiality of the objects in a manner that defeats their obsolescence. Through the medium of video, projection, installation and printmaking she seeks to explore and interrogate the properties of these materials applying light as a tool for drawing transitions from the familiar to the unfamiliar.
The materiality and the process of her practice or interrogations play with the notion of creating temporary situations using shadow and light, reflections and refractions through the combination of purposefully sourced materials and curiosity.