Paul McKenna

“My work varies in technique. A common theme in my work is memory and its relationship to place within urban settings, how certain scenes hold significance in describing a sense of place. My work identifies commonalities that describe universal themes of culture and nostalgia through my own personal experiences of my immediate surroundings. My work has been informed by living in London, New Zealand and Ireland, all have contributed in varying ways to the development of my work over the years. Other themes include the man-made versus the elements, painting and the elements (plein air), exploration of line (line drawing) and plastic in the environment. Photography, plein air painting and sketching are starting points for my work. I use them as a means of visual note taking when exploring the city and countryside. Further studio practice explores the initial recordings and refines the subject through digital manipulation of detail, composition and colour. These are then experimented within further processes of painting including realist painting and abstract using mark making, colour glazes and various paint mediums.”

Born in Cork in 1976 Paul studied Graphic Design in Central Saint Martins College, London majoring in printmaking and animation. After graduating he spent a number of years printmaking in Cork Printmakers. He developed his passion for painting whilst working for artisans C. Robersons & Co. London aiding in the manufacturing of artist materials and as a canvas stretcher and shop assistant for sister company Russell & Chappell, Covent Garden. He spent a number of years living in New Zealand working as a picture framer for one of New Zealand’s premier picture framers John Leech Framers, Auckland. Returning home to Cork in 2012 he became a member of Sample Studios and concentrated on capturing various scenes in his hometown trough his paintings and drawings. Paul is a member of Cork Printmakers and currently teaches painting in various community art projects around Cork city.

instagram: paul_mc_kenna

Facebook: Paul Mc Kenna Artist