Padraic Barrett

Padraic Barrett is an Irish multidisciplinary visual and performance artist. His work is a response to the archetypal male and patriarchal traditions in Irish society today. By merging performance and video installation, he focuses on the attitude of the male figure in various states of progressing and regressing. The incessant actions of the performative body in his videos signify a ceaseless search for the threshold between reflection and transformation. By probing into the human experiences of birth and death, he wants to convey our sense of the invisible and transitory, and the known and the unknown that is rooted in spiritual traditions in Eastern philosophy akin to Tibetan Buddhism. These traditions have provided an underlying structure for his own practice along with phenomenological enquiry and the role of the shaman in society. Identification with shamanistic rituals gives him the scope to take on the role of the performer as messenger. This type of engagement also allows him to investigate how we can rebalance the place of human beings within the natural world.

Padraic Barrett: Graduated (2019) with First Class BA in Fine Art from the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design. Awarded The CiarĂ¡n Langford Memorial Bursary by Backwater Artists Group, Lavit Gallery ‘Student of the Year’, GOMA Graduate Exhibition, The Gallery at No. 46 Grand Parade Residency and RDS Visual Art Awards Longlist.