Megan Eustace

“I draw to connect to the outside world and to dialogue with my inner one. Drawing can communicate an idea, question the visible be a memory and as a medium to teach and learn it has a finite set of rules and infinite application. Drawing pedagogy and phenomenology are primary areas of research; learning to draw methodologies spill into my studio practice as tools of enquiry and our perceptual encounter of the world seems ever more potent and curious as a de-materialisation of our lives into the digital increases. The materiality of the human experience can be expressed through drawing and drawing’s ontological nature allows us to perpetually encounter the unkown of that experience.”

Megan Eustace: Graduated (1996) CIT CCAD BA HONS Fine Art Degree, First Class awarded ‘Student of the Year’, and completed a Masters Degree Fine Art and Design Education 2013, CIT CCAD. Eustace has exhibited extensively and is represented by The Paul Kane Gallery, Dublin. Her work is held in public and private collections and included in many publications, most recently the European ‘Imago Mundi’ project and ‘The Space Between’2017/18, touring show of works selected from OPW collection, a Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland project.

Her residencies have included a fellowship at the Balinglen Arts Foundation, and invited artist to Cill Rialaig. In 2011 she finished a two year project with Trinity School of Medicine and the RHA, it culminated in the group exhibition ‘Apertures and Anxieties’. In 2018 Eustace and her twin sister (also artist/teacher) launched the ‘Drawing Clinic’ whilst on a joint residency at ‘Studio 12’, Backwater Artists Group.

Eustace lectures drawing/life drawing on the BA Hons Fine Art and the BA Hons Contemporary Applied Art degree programmes at CIT CCAD.

She has been a member, director and Chair of the Backwater Artists Group Studios : currently, she shares a studio with her twin sister at Backwater.