Linda Young


Linda Young is a Cork based artist who graduated with a B.A hons in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design (2016) where she was awarded the Backwater Artist Group Ciaran Langford Memorial Bursary. She also received a bursary from Limerick Printmakers Studio, a Media Lab residency at Crawford College of Art and Design, a Group Exhibition at the Lavitt Gallery and was longlisted for the RDS Visual Art Awards. Selected exhibitions include: Impact 9 Printmaking Conference, Hangzhou, China, and St Carthage Hall, Lismore Castle Arts 2015; Cooked, Crawford College of Art and Design, Degree Show, 2016; Fledglings, The Lavitt Gallery, Cork City, 2016 and upcoming group exhibition at Blackrock Castle, October, 2016.


My practice confronts a world where screens and images are so present in our everyday lives. Through the use of touch screens and the internet, with the swipe, tap and touch of a finger we can view, share, download, upload, rip, copy, compress, resize, resample, and reshare images. Incorporated into my practice are everyday tools such as scanners, photocopiers, touch screens and photo editing apps that are used in the creation of my work. I work primarily with lens based media, video installation, sound and print-making.

My most recent body of work titled In the Palm of Your Hand was influenced by the hands’ interaction with the touch screen. The work is abstract in its approach and it reflects upon the circulation of images through the screen. It follows the hand’s cinematic movements as it glides across the screen. With the swipe of a finger we can pan left to right and top to bottom, we can zoom in to microscopic viewing or pan out for a wide angled view. This body of work consists of a single channel video projection and a series of photopolymer prints.