Lesley Stothers

Lesley Stothers is a multi-media textile artist whose work revolves around her exploration of home, the family circle, connections and family ties, personal and to a degree biographical but not always.

Creating wall based textile work, sculptural textiles and installations she utilizes traditional materials and techniques in combination with experimental wrapping, binding and weaving  with wire plastic and paper to explore 3D surface patterning.

Drawing lies at the heart of her practice and permeates through to the finished work. She exploits linear qualities of machine stitch;repeated to convey back and forth movement and time. Colours, particularly red, and shape, the circle a recurring emblem representing family and tactile qualities of textile combine to evoke a human element in the story.

Harnessing the power of books to tell an abstract rather than literal story, Lesley constructs variations on book forms, unravelling stories and concealing details hidden within pages of her book-like structures.

Pages are folded and stitched and lead back to a spine that binds it together and gives support the way families do. She uses the book structure as a journal chronicling a troubled life. Threads pass through many layers connecting past to present, echoing time passing and the progressively distressed marks she etches, pierces and burns into paper and fabric pages convey order and disorder of life lived; it is also a nod to the act of memory and the way it can deteriorate over time.

Originally from Scotland Lesley Stothers studied tapestry design at Edinburgh College of Art, followed by a period in retail management full time with The City of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries while teaching arts and crafts evening classes to adult learners.

Moving to Ireland in 2003 Lesley pursued further study in stitched textiles and was awarded the City and Guilds ‘Gold Medal for Excellence’ in creative craft, 2005. Establishing her creative practice in Cork, she actively exhibits in galleries in Ireland and internationally. Her work is represented in a number of public and private collections including CIT Cork School of Music Collection, MEP Brussels office and Cork City Libraries Collection. She has participated in selected exhibitions in the Lavit Gallery, Cork, Blue Egg Gallery & Arts Centre, Wexford, The Old Mill, Kinsale, and DCCOI touring exhibitions in Ireland and abroad. UK and overseas shows include: RSA, Edinburgh, Design Studio & Gallery, London, Institute Francais d’Ecosse, Scotland, Galerie Associative La Tour, France and Beijing, China.

She is a member of Cork Textiles Network, DCCOI. and Visual Artists Ireland.

Email: lesleystothers@gmail.com

Instagram: lesleystothers