Killian O’Dwyer

Killian O’Dwyer is a visual artist originally from Arkansas U.S.A. living and working in Cork, Ireland. He is a graduate of Crawford College of Art & Design with a BA First Class Honours in Fine Art. For his degree show We Do Not Leave Pyramids in 2015 , O’ Dwyer received the CIT Venice Biennale President Award for an emerging artist; a Graduate Residency Award with the Backwater Artists Group; and the Undergraduate Academic Thesis Award for his treatise on the credibility of several key components in psychoanalytic theory, aesthetics, and subjectivity by means of empirical research; such as hybrid gaze; become-in-difference; gyn-andro-a-voir; and queer geographies of the sub- and superterranean.

His process is primarily research or project-based, which describes the interchangeable nature of his practice. Painting and screen-printing, installation and found object, sound and scent; there are no preliminary limitations to the avenues of visual inquiry. O’ Dwyer is preoccupied with notions surrounding gender performativity and fields of subjective Vision in contemporary experience. In essence, the outcomes are personal interpretations of ambiguities found in language, states of mind or everyday surroundings. Currently, the work presents itself as Americanized queerings of low-brow culture, engendered rap and insights into the alluring Other subjective landscape.

O’ Dwyer currently works as a facilitator in the Lewis Glucksman Gallery Cork, where he continues his passion for promoting public arts education and awareness. He is a recent member of Cork Printmakers, a member and PrinTex manager at Sample Studios and co-collaborator of Switchboard with fellow artist, Cillian Moynihan.