Kevin Holland

I love the process of sculpture, of working with materials, textures, and spaces, to create forms that can tell a story. I constantly experiment with new combinations, styles, and techniques, but I will always use figurative sculpture as the central reference to all my artistic output. Figurative representational sculpture is the most challenging sculptural undertaking, particularly when it is in the sphere of Public Art. Public Art, in my view, should appeal to the maximum amount of viewers possible, and should be subject to all opinions.

Over the last twenty years I have carried out commissions for fourteen large and medium scale Public Artworks. At this stage I have gathered a considerable amount of experience and knowledge in how specific commissions can be approached. Each Artwork is individually developed, addressing the requirements of it’s commission, and this accounts for the wide variety in my sculptural output. The requirements of each commission are specific to the location, the viewers and their preferences, the budget, the time scale, materials, safety, and other considerations.

In accommodating these requirements, it is important that they do not have overbearing influence on the resulting sculpture. I intend every completed work to stand as a unique Artwork with it’s own characteristics, strengths and beauty. It will be relevant to it’s environment, but should be of a quality that it would look well in any location. It is vital that the Artwork would be generally perceived as a feature than enriches it’s location and would be considered as an integral part of it’s surroundings.

Kevin Holland has worked as a sculptor continuously since 1987, having studied Fine Art (sculpture) for four years. Interested in developing a career making sculpture, he worked at many associated art and craft persuits. These included decorative artwork, art metalwork, work for theatre sets and props, and work for parade floats. All work of this nature provided valuable experience of working with a wide range of organisations, conditions and materials. This experience together with Kevin’s previous experience in Engineering all contributed to his evolving sculpture practice. Working creatively with tangible materials was and is the area about which he is passionately interested.

In 1992 Kevin was given his first large public art commission. This was a huge learning experience on how such projects need to be sheparded through each stage of their development from the initial proposals through to the final installation. There are many different aspects that need to be orchestrated during the production of commissions, making this work both interesting and challenging.

Having successfully completed his first commission Kevin was happy to make the development and production of commissions the main focus of his sculptural output. This work allows him to work with his preferred materials on a large scale and to a large audience. To date Kevin has completed fourteen large scale public art features, each with it’s own individual combination of requirements and solutions.

Alongside his work on commissions, Kevin produces smaller works for exhibition in art galleries. This is work that can be developed more rapidly and with less considerations than large commission work, which allows freedom for experimentation. The discoveries from this rapid work with collage or found objects provides rich source material for the larger works. In 2011 Kevin was awarded an MA in Visual Art Practices following a two year course. During this course he became more farmiliarised with contemporary art practices, and his own work was positioned in context. Kevin keeps in contact with current art production and informs the progression of his practice. Kevin sees his practice as continually evolving and likes to approach every new commission or exhibition as a new departure in this evolution.

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