Janet Murran

“For the last few years I have based my work around the Ilen River which runs through Skibbereen near my home. I have been observing the river, through taking photographs, sketching and writing about my daily encounters. As I have regular access to the river my work explores the place on many levels, at many times and in all seasons, therefore when I’m painting I’m engaging with my memory of that one place at many times as I am not trying to make a representation of what is in front of me but rather to distill my visual references, written reflections and sketches of that place in order to find the essence of those accumulated experiences. I’m also documenting the passage of time, the light, the weather, the fluctuation of tide, the wildlife that lives in and on the river, the plants that grow alongside, the human presence and the effects that they have on the river and the land around it. I want my work to resonate with empathy and to show the hidden beauty that is right on our doorstep.” Janet Murran, 2019.

Janet Murran was born and raised in Ireland, graduated from Solent University, UK with a BA Hons Degree in Textile design. After extensive travelling she returned to live and work in her native West Cork where she furthered her education by doing a BA Hons Degree in Visual Art from DIT Sherkin Island. Her work derives from sketchbook studies, photographic notes and written reflections. Colour, texture, pattern and extremes of light and dark are all an important part of her practice. Working mainly with acrylic and charcoal, she uses a mix of painting and drawing to extricate hidden meanings within the subject matter, building tone and texture, then deconstructing by scratching, sanding, placing marks or paint over the entire piece, reworking it until that something magic happens in the relationship of artist, subject matter and medium.


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