Gerard O’Callaghan

Gerard O’Callaghan is a painter, graduate of CCAD and postgraduate artist at Backwater Artists. He recently participated in and completed a U.K residency at the Solent Showcase Gallery in Southampton for an international touring exhibition and is now working and living in Cork.

My work is concerned with the urban environment and in particular, my initial response to new environments and spaces. The places I am Interested in are usually exterior (sometimes interior), uninhabited but usually show signs of human interaction.

They are of no particular importance but possess a common element in that they could be synonymous with any city and have a kind of aesthetic opposite to that of a landmark. Having said that they do have the potential to inform the viewer of how an urban inhabitant might find themselves in that space thus creating a narrative but I would prefer to keep the space empty preserving that interpretation as the right of the viewer.

By focusing on composition to create a viewpoint and a diverse palette to create a mood, I aim to place the viewer in the space free of unnecessary influence and let it be filled with their interpretation based on their own personal experience of overlooked urban space.