Dervla Baker

Dervla’s photographs often feature still lifes, or scenes containing objects that seem to communicate emotion or memory. Concerned by overproduction and waste, she looks at throwaway culture by examining the symbolism of discarded things.

Carl Jung describes a symbol as an image that conjures up numerous meanings some of which can not be clearly defined. Informed by this concept, Dervla playfully frames and arranges objects that embody human qualities or attributes. Her photographs turn our eye to the easily overlooked, ignored or disposed of, to reveal innate narratives, and the symbiotic relationship between culture and waste.

In a recent series, Dervla approached the loss of arts spaces in Cork. Inspired by the imminent destruction of the “Old FAS” building; the recent home of Sample-Studios, Dervla accessed the building in the weeks following the artists evacuation and photographed the things they left behind. Through their isolation in the lens, these objects and scenes appear to represent the feelings of despondency and rejection that surround the demolition of this iconic building. Signifying its effect on the artistic community of Cork.

In a preceding series, she photographed natural and man-made objects in the style of classical still life painting. Arranged and manipulated, the objects emulate the opposing forces of nature; birth/death, black/white, organic/synthetic. Through this attention to details inanimate objects take on new meanings : a chestnut becomes a symbol of motherhood; a cabbage, the body; an ashtray or half-eaten fig, a harbinger of the death of all things.

Cork in 2009 to study Fine Art at Crawford College of Art and Design. Recently, she completed a number of supplementary modules in digital and analogue photography: Photography and Context 2017; and Photography – Analogue 2016.

Recent exhibitions include; Insitu at Over the Line Gallery, Glenline, North Ring Road, Cork, Dec 1st – 21st 2017; The Past, Present, Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, Nov 30th – Dec 14th 2017; Axes and Attitude, Sternview Gallery, Nash 10, Princes Street, Cork, July 13th – 27th 2017.

Dervla also works as a professional photographer/videographer, specialising in documenting artworks, events and exhibitions.

Dervla is currently Co-director and PR manager for Over the line Studios, Ballyvolane, Cork.