Debbie Dawson

“My research practice is concerned with the human condition. I deal with subjects such as loss and absence. I reference autobiographical fragments of memory and use figurative elements along with landscape motifs to investigate these ideas.

My current research is continuing with the exploration of landscape, both external and internal, and includes elements of the figure to evoke a mood or an atmosphere. I’m attempting to create new environments – a juxtaposing of interior and exterior scenarios – to challenge the viewer to question what they see. Using gestural, intuitive mark making and sometimes found photographic material I aim to convey some kind of dream like narrative that may be interpreted differently by each viewer.

Paint is applied and scraped back to leave traces, reveal fragments and then is re-applied so layers are built up. Drawing elements are included to define and hone yet imagery is purposefully left ambiguous.” Debbie Dawson 2019

Debbie Dawson is an artist and educator. She has worked with glass for more than 25 years. She lectures on the Contemporary Applied Art course at Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork. She has extensive teaching experience including delivering workshops in the College of Fine Arts in Shanghai. Debbie has exhibited work both nationally and internationally. Debbie’s work is in both private and public collections including the permanent collection of the National Museum of Ireland.