Baiba Sisene

Artists Statement:

In my latest body of work I’m exploring psychogeography based on familiar places and spaces around Cork city, closely focusing on details and textures that capture my interest and capture overall feeling of Cork trough my eyes. In a sense it’s my “Love letter to Cork”. 

Main idea of my work is to explore city that I call home using materials and colours that connects with the idea of how home feels to me.  

My work consists of photo transfer prints, taken by me, in and around Cork city. 

I mostly use unwanted, found, and used materials, because I think that they already have a story to tell, and by reusing salvaged materials, I add an extra layer of emotional value to my work and pass on the ever-changing story of the material. 

In this work I pay special homage to terracotta or brick red colour, that echoes the distinctive architecture of my birthplace – ancient town in Latvia’s western region – Kuldiga. That type of red to me symbolises home, warmth, stability, and love. 


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