Tracey Fitzgerald


Born in Ireland in 1971, and living and working in Cork, Tracy Fitzgerald studied at the Crawford College of Art and Design graduating in 2012. Awards and selection for group exhibitions followed her graduation, and her work currently hangs in the office of Ireland’s Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) in Leinster House, the seat of the Irish Government.

Artist Statement

“My focus is on the contradictions in everyday life: boom and bust, aspirational and actual, place and non-place, public and private.”

Fitzgerald’s interest is in those quieter, often uncelebrated spaces, which, while small and utterly un-famous, sit at the heart of our personal realities. These, she may balance against aspirational images and monumental architecture. See a playground, a kitchen, a scrap of floral fabric. She brings warmth and humanity to her paintings, and they invite us to come in, stay a while, and leave refreshed and somehow enriched by the experience.




Instagram @tracy_white_fitzgerald_art

Membership: Backwater Artists Network
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