Siobhán Collins


Siobhán Collins is an Irish visual artist living in Cork, Ireland. She works primarily in drawing and painting, using several mediums. She has an interdisciplinary background in fine art, English literature and critical theory. She has published articles on poetry, embodiment, perception and aesthetics. Siobhán’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 2019, and she is planning her first solo exhibition in 2024.

Artist Statement

Siobhán Collins is interested in the complexities of embodiment and materiality, in sensations and lived experience. Her current research and art practice takes a fresh and contemporary approach to figurative work, including life drawing, portraiture, and plant life. She id concerned with how humans and non-humans co-exist as beings-in-the-world, particularly in this time of environmental crisis. Touch and vision are the two senses that she is most concerned with; they each play a crucial role in hoe we interact with the world around us. Ultimately, she’s interested in how we connect through the senses. She’s interested in the sense of vision as theorised by Irigaray, as partaking in textures of light. This links with her interest in materialities. Regarded in this way, vision is dependent on the touch of light upon the eye. It loses its metaphorical association with and correlation of truth and patriarchy. Touch has a particularly feminist epistemology – it is bursting and pregnant with becoming. Siobhán is fascinated by the reciprocal nature of touch, a sense shared by all species, and how it challenges hierarchies and questions notions of our separateness from nature. 

Instagram @siobhancollins_art

Membership: Backwater Artist Network
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