Sean Daly


Sean Daly is a Cork based visual artist who works predominantly in analogue photography. Originally from county Waterford, he began to work with photography while exploring the woodland and mountain landscape surrounding his home. He studied photography at IADT Dun Laoghaire graduating in 2019. In 2020 he received a MA in Art and Process from Crawford College of Art and Design.

In 2019 Sean received the Irish Professional Photographers Association Student award. His work ‘Habitus’ came highly commended for the Inspirational Arts Award and was chosen to be part of the Lismore Castle Arts Graduate Award Show 2019 in St. Carthage Hall, Lismore. Most recently Sean’s work was exhibited in GOMA Waterford and Crawford’s Grand Parade Gallery.

Artist Statement

My work deals with themes of the self and place, with the location of rural Ireland in which I grew up. My practice examines cultural heritage and my own personal history and how that affects how I navigate through everyday life. Featuring predominantly traditional analogue black and white photographic processes, weight is placed on the process of the creation of each piece, acknowledging that the creation of each piece is in itself a performance.

More recently my work explores a connection to place, specifically the area of woodland surrounding my family home in the Waterford countryside. As a concept, place is far more than the geographical space as represented on a map, it is a space that is actively lived in, has a history and cultural context that mediates our actions within it. By engaging in a deep-mapping study through photography, sculpture, and cartography, I aim to better understand and represent the multifacetedness of place and personal ties to the land.

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