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My name is Roisin Moloney. I’m 23 years of age, and I come from the Midleton area. I am the youngest of three and come from a family of creative women, so art has been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember. Living out in the countryside with two older brothers meant that I spent most of my childhood outside, developing an intricate imagination. Which I feel has served me well in developing storylines and characters. My primary mediums include printmaking, video, and object assemblage. During my 3rd year of art college I was excited to engage in an artist’s book project with the poet Sean Borodale. Unfortunately, due to covid lockdown restrictions, we could not continue our print workshop. I had to move to a module that could be taught remotely, video. 

This turned out to be one of the most incredible things to happen to my practice as I was thrown in at the deep end into a medium I had never used before. As everyone’s worlds became very small during the lockdown, I decided to condense mine further by creating characters in my bedroom. This resulted in a stop motion/ performance film titled accumulation anxiety which was selected for screening in the student section of indie cork film festival 2021. This was when I discovered what is known as an expanded print process. I like to use printed matter in my films, such as lino printed wallpapers for backdrops or screen-printed DVD covers to house the film and display. I also use the videoed sites as my colour palette for CMYK-type prints. Merging the two processes has allowed me to create harmony in my work.

The commencement of the Sean Borodale project saw the process of book art added to my practice with language and poetry now playing a major role. My peers and I created a large-scale screen-printed piece entitled Unbound for Dingle literary festival; I was also included in a performance group who performed the artwork, which is to be pressed onto a vinyl record along with Sean Borodale’s reading of his poetry.

Artists statement 

The space we inhabit, and the items contained within these spaces act as a physical log of our life’s experience. My site-based practice uses the locations such as the attic and its contents as a ground for my video and performance work. Through the creation of work within a space, my developed characters interact with the surroundings and objects in a ritualistic manner.

Exploring the four main rites of passage; birth, adolescence, marriage and death, I create corresponding animal effigies in the medium of print and laser cut objects. These objects act as a tool to log a site within a gridded display. Logging and text are important to my practice as they act as a map or key to my site and take the place of religious text or manuscripts in performative ritualistic acts.

Membership: MTU CCAD Backwater Studios Graduate Residency Award
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