Regina Fruitos

Artist Statement

As a nature lover I like to work with ceramics since I use the four elements, earth, water, fire, and air.I like to touch the clay with my hands, get dirty with it and feel the transmission of the earth to my body, which I then try to transmit in my ceramic works.I want my pieces to be unique, simple, and natural, very little manipulated, just as our Pachamama, Mother Earth, shows us. They can be murals to hang on the walls as well as sculptural, functional, or decorative.In some works,I also introduce recycled materials as a medium and complement tomy ceramic works, thinking about the environment and sustainability. I work with different types of clay and use electric, gas, or raku kilns at low and high temperatures, with oxidation and reduction techniques.I am inspired by geology, in the tones and textures of the earth, with its imperfections, cracks and shapes.I am motivated by society, motherhood, life, simplicity, complexity, nostalgia, small pleasures, aromas, the breeze, music, love, sensitivity, nature, recycling, sustainability, energy of gems especially quartz, Feng-Shui.

Instagram @reginafruitos

Membership: Backwater Artists Network
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