Pádraig Spillane


Pádraig Spillane works with photography, appropriation and object-based assemblages. Through these various means he explores intersections of desire through imagery, anthropomorphic arrangements, and installation. His employment of materials considers gestural potentials and animations of various forms with works performing as gatherings of disruption and appeal.

Exhibitions: Silver-Tongued Seas, Jupiter Woods, London, (2021); define silver lining, curated by Pluck Projects for Cork Midsummer Festival, (2021); New Light, Glucksman Gallery, (2020); Far From Here, The Complex, Dublin, (2019); Naked Truth, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, (2018); What Passes Between Us, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co. Cork, (2017); ART WORKS 17, VISUAL, Carlow; Shills, 126 Gallery, Galway, (2016); This is not my voice speaking, CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, (2015); Magic Touch, CCA Derry – Londonderry, Northern Ireland, (2014); Mammouth, Treignac Projet, France, (2014); Fortnightly Features Presents, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, (2014).

Pádraig Spillane is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland and Cork City Council Arts Office.

Website www.padraigspillane.ie

Membership: Studio
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