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Oisín Burke is a native of Dublin. After deciding to further his studies in third level education, he relocated to Cork to reignite his passion for art and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Applied Art in ceramics, glass and textiles at Crawford College of Art and Design. During his studies he was selected to represent the college on a glass exchange program in China at the Shanghai University of Art.

Oisin’s work explores the emotions that are created by internal and external factors of everyday living, he works with a variety of materials including ceramics, glass, textiles, metal and photography to produce work that is mostly sculpture based in its nature.

Artist Statement

My latest body of work is based around the emotion and feelings of anxiety, this arose after researching a concept called Solastalgia that describes a form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change such as mining or climate change that creates a sense of anxiety within an individual’s place of space. I am using this concept as a metaphor in my own work, the concept dictates the materials and I’ve chosen metal and glass as they are best suited to represent my idea.

The dichotomy that these materials hold, metal strong and supportive, compared with glass, transparent and fragile. There is an uncertainty of how these pieces combine while confined within this new environment, the kiln. Their future destiny will unfold as the glass now becomes an integral part of the metals new skin and also how the metal will support this non-crystalline amorphous solid. There is a degree of ownership through out my process yet with each firing there is an element beyond the control of the artist, this is part of the concept, the unknowing, a journey that motivates me to continue making art.

Email artistoisinburke@gmail.com

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