Iris Vos


Iris Vos is living and working in Cork, and is a recent graduate from The Crawford College of Art and Design. She is the recipient of the Crawford Grate Residency award in Ceramics and the National Sculpture Factory Residency Award.

She is passionate about feminist issues, reproductive rights, and the importance of visibility for women’s artists in the community. She brings awareness to current issues globally concerning women and their bodies, rights, and body image. She work’s mainly in ceramics, textiles, and print, often combining them together in her artworks.

Artist Statement

My art practice is about feminism in modern society. It is looking at issues of censorship, especially the difference between male and female censorship on social media, and in everyday life, inspired by the free the nipple movement. My work looks at multiples as a way to desensitize the viewer and come in direct contact with the taboo of the female body, focusing largely on nipples and vulvas.

Instagram @irisvos_art


Membership: Backwater Artists Network
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