Don Braisby


Don Braisby (b.1940) Followed a career in mental health and community work. PhD. (Fine Art) 2017 University of Wales. M.A. (with Distinction) 2012 University of Wales. B.A.  (First Class Honours) 2008 University of Wales. 2017-2019 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Glyndwr University School of Art.

Solo Exhibitions. 2018 ‘Research into the Art of Corrosion’ Oriel Sychart Gallery North Wales. 2017 ‘Alchemy of Corrosion’  Edition Contemporary Arts Liverpool.

Exhibtions: 2017 ‘Carbon Meets Silicon’Oriel Sychart Gallery 2018 Leinster Printmaking Studio 20th. ‘Anniversary touring exhibition’. 2018 Leinster Print Studio Responds to Seamus Heaney, Bessano Italy. 2020 Inflorescence Nano Nagel Place. 2021 ‘Oidhreacht Heritage’ Kilcock Art Gallery Art Gallery, Kilcock Co. Kildare.

Artist Statement

We  live in a stream of continuing creation. Making art is a way of enquiring into the world in front of us. Image-making helps us to examine what it is like to be in this place, in this condition, at this time. As humans we are aware of being conscious. Making art helps us to examine a vision of a reality beyond the world of descriptions. As an artist I’m drawn towards exploring the area between conscious and unconscious, the borderland state of being between dreaming and waking. Described by C.G. Jung as the collective unconscious, It is a place where images predominate and myth and legend reign.

Watch: ‘Inflorescence – A Video Meditation

The below images are taken from ‘Inflorescence’ a video meditation. They are inspired by the interdependent relationships and networks that exist between plants and ourselves; as they are reflected in the patterns created by blood vessels, nervous system in our bodies and the swirling gas, dust, the stars and solar systems that form a galaxy. The images are frozen moments from the video.



Instagram @donbraisby

Membership: Backwater Artists Network
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