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Cassandra Eustace is a visual artist and educator. Drawing is the foundation of her practice. She holds a first-class MA in Art & Process and a first class BA Hons in Fine Art from MTU Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork. Applying sensory drawing to exploring her interests in mental health and wellbeing, biophilia, nondualism and posthumanism, she combines intuitive knowledge with the indeterminacy of mark making. This process-driven embodied approach, takes advantage of drawing as a language of connection. When our connection to self, our bodies, each other, our natural environment, our daily lives, or our spiritual and consciousness awareness becomes disrupted it can lead to a sense of loss, of not belonging. Exasperated by a dopamine addicted world favouring distraction and instancy, finding what’s sustainable becomes essential. Drawing by its nature navigates uncertainty with reinvention, revealing an understanding of the ecology of one’s own life, and why it matters.

Cassandra’s artist led workshops combine sensory drawing with drawing skills. Using innovative creative drawing techniques she covers a variety of topics: Self-Identity, Wellbeing, Nature Fixation, Creativity in sketchbooks etc. She facilitates these at various locations including The Glucksman, UCC and MTU, both indoors and outdoors.

She co-founded the ‘Drawing Clinic’ with her twin, artist Megan Eustace. This advisory service offers a space for critical thinking and professional mentoring for all artists whose interests are linked to any type of drawing – expanded to analytical.

Cassandra’s work is in private collections and institutions such as Tyndall, Cork. Also The Glucksman, ‘Classroom Museum’ UCC. (2020-21) ‘Tales of a City’ in collaboration with St. Brendan’s senior community project: ‘Collective Memories from The Glen’, The Glucksman UCC. (2018) ‘Draw To Mind’, Guest Speaker at ATAI National conference. (2018) Residency: Studio 12: ‘Awkward Bitch Stupid Cow / Angelic Selfless Other’ collaborative drawing project.


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