Anna Barden


Anna Barden works with drawing, sewing, short text pieces and ceramics. Born in Dublin in 1971, her son was born in 1990 – her work is about being a single mother, a woman. Often drawing on literature, she makes work which concerns itself with trauma and joy – the joy of making. 
In 2022, she had a solo show, FALTER. CHECK. RESOLVE in Studio 12, Backwater Artists Group, Cork; an installation of impossibly contorted ceramic horses, eighteen Beckett ‘Chess Piece’ drawings and a piece of text (a description, or a memory, of having played chess in a mental ward) on the wall. The ‘Chess Piece’ drawings are absurd in that all of the chess pieces depicted are horses, a tribute to the spirit of Beckett, in whose novel Murphy, the hero plays chess in a lunatic asylum.


Instagram @barden_anna

Membership: Backwater Artists Network
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