Andrea Newman

Artist Statement

Andrea Newman is a visual artist living and working in Cork City. In 2023 she graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design with a first class honours in Fine Art. Her practise explores photography, silkscreen printing, bookmaking and installation work. She explores Ireland’s housing crisis as a young adult in Ireland when emigration feels inevitable. Her work archives Ireland’s derelict and vacant spaces as a result of the housing crisis. Her most recent body of work specifically documents the irony and classism of the use of steel to board up vacant council housing during a housing crisis. Through the use of photography and installation she confronts the viewer with these landscapes and derelict spaces they normally would not be faced with. Within this work she also reclaims lost parts of the Irish language.



Membership:(Bold) Backwater Artist Network and Awardee of the Ciarán Langford Bursary 2023. 
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