Amna Walayat


Amna is a Cork-based Pakistani born visual artist and Associate Member of Sample-Studios, Art Nomads, Smashing Times and Angelica Network. She has recently been awarded the Cork County Council Creative Producer Residency, The Arts Council Agility Award and has been invited to exhibit her new work in IMMA, having exhibited her work recently in IMMA online and in Cork County Council’s online exhibition space. In addition to her active practice, she has worked as Programme Organizer with the Pakistan National Council of the Arts; Curator with Alhamra Arts Council and PhD studio-based researcher with PURAF, University of the Punjab (2004-2007). She recently established the Ireland-Pakistan Arts Exchange (IPAE) to bring both art communities together through creating opportunities for networking and exchange. She is a recipient of Arts Council Ireland Visual Artist Bursary Award, Professional Development Award 2020 and Dilkusha Award 2020.

Artist Statement

My current body of work deals with the “culture of shame” and the collective behavior of society. In the name of Shame, individuals are forced to take steps that are against accepted human values. Some examples are mother and baby homes in Ireland, a scandal that happened, indeed, in the name of family honor or a woman’s shame. Female and children’s bodies become the victims of the “culture of shame”, with murder, exploitation and related violence is common throughout the world. My work explores the culture of shame in Pakistan, where she grew up. My work also includes images of Queen Victoria, the most powerful living female in her time who controlled almost the whole world in her long lifetime. Nobody could shame or harm to her despite of her involvement in many Imperial scandals.

Membership: Studio - 4 Year
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