Awards / Opportunities

Backwater provides one Ciarán Langford Memorial Bursary Award (6 months) to a graduate of the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design each year and it also facilitates two Graduate Residency Awards (9 months) awarded by the college.

These opportunities are invaluable to the recipients and supportive in the establishment of their careers. It not only provides them with a free studio but it also eases the transition from student to professionally practicing artists. An In-house exhibition opportunity and associated mentorship is also provided.

“The progression from art college to practicing as a professional artist can be quite daunting and challenging. The studio awards granted by Backwater Artists Group has been a vital part of my growth as an artist post college. During this transitional period, having access to a professional working environment is indispensable.” Linda Young, Ciarán Langford Memorial Bursary Graduate Sept ’16 – Nov ‘16