Cassandra & Megan Eustace | Stubborn Bitch Awkward Cow, Angelic Twin Selfless Other

12 Apr – 06 May

The Eustace’s have adopted various personalities when working together. Twin studies have highlighted the power struggle inherent in the twin relationship and their findings have added to research on conflict resolution. The Eustace’s continue to develop compromise in their joint drawing practice. Studio 12 will provide a collaborative space for their small group to draw in. Drawing research Interests: phenomenology, mental health and education.

Closed to public for project work with the exception of:

The Drawing Clinic

Join the Twins one on two, to discuss any drawing matters, practicalities, or problems.
All issues will be drawn out and innovatively handled.

Friday May 4th

11.30 am – 2.30 pm

Please book a time slot on the door of Studio 12 or just turn up on the day, and you will be seen on a first come first serve basis.


Stubborn Bitch Awkward Cow, Angelic Twin Selfless Other, 2017, 210 x 297mm, acrylic paint, ink, mixed media. The Eustace’s.
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